Alibaba Gives His Fans A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Alibaba has written a long epistle as usual on his social media account after posting a video of American Singer and entrepreneur Sean Diddy Combs reaction to a clown on a show by Ellen Degeneres.

Diddy had earlier said he wasn’t afraid of clowns but took off when one appeared on set. Read what the comic act wrote about this below…

After laughing, learn the lessons. There is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge gap between what we say to look Good and our reality. This video best describes what I have been trying to say. Don’t believe (or better still be careful of) all those people who come on Instagram and indeed any social media space to tell you what they do, who they are, where they have reached. Many will tell some ladies to walk out of a relationship if they catch their husbands cheating on them. Yet, yet, when you look well, the same person who says walk away if he cheats, is sitting pretty in her marriage even after her husband marries another woman and has children out of wedlock. The same person who says, “Resign your job if you are not promoted after 4 years in the same position”, has taken a pay cut and junior staff promoted over them. Yet they are still working in the same office. You will see people who will advise you on how much to charge for an event, yet they will take far less than that. Many people who are telling you how to become millionaires are not. Miss-I-CANT-DATE-A-MARRIED-MAN, but fit born for am. Many who are teaching you to be a better person are horrible souls. “Because I’m a black man” doesn’t mean you are brave. Your fears are your fears. Your reality is your reality. Think about it, there are many people who make you believe something. Then you dig into them and realise they are not what they claimed. That clown was lucky. If truly, @diddy was not afraid of clowns, that clown will be lying in a coffin right now. Because when you combine fear and survival instincts, instincts that drive you to fight, a combination of punches will have landed the clown in Coma. Try that with @daddyshowkey… the clown will not be funny again. Ever. But in the final analysis, who many say they are and who they really are, are different. But few are the real deal.

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