Ali Baba Blasts People Who Cannot Spell Congratulations

Ali Baba 2

Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome

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Ace Nigerian comedian Ali Baba who is fond of writing long messages on his Instagram page, addressing various issues, has shared a story about his friend, about people who criticise others from their knowledge and as well on those who do not know how to spell congratulations properly.

Check it out below…

Beyond the humour… LIES the TRUTH about most people who criticise us. They criticise you from their threshold of knowledge. If they knew any better they would have seen your truth. But no. That would be condescending. They are too high on their ignorance to understand and recognise lower intelligence. Anyway, don’t get distracted by their not knowing any better. That’s why you are better. Many would rather swim in their huge sea of emptiness that to dip in your pond of reality. The other day I met someone who told me, many years ago, in 1998, when I moved to Lekki Phase 1, that it was a stupid move. He didn’t know what and why I moved. He just saw the cost. The rent for my 5 bedroom (2 bqs) duplex in Ilupeju was 250k yearly. The Lekki one, was 350k. I had taken into consideration the cost, of course. I was always on the Island. Working and having meetings. My major client base said Lekki. My wear and tear said Lekki. My logistics said Lekki., Since I didn’t have an office, my profile said Lekki. USIS and British Council libraries were on the Island. Anyway fast forward. I was playing a game of Scrabble at @Ediyelimited sometime in July, and he came in… we played a game, watched a match and it was nearly 12 midnight. Our of genuine concern, I hinted that I hope he was being driven. Because the roads were not too safe in the night. Especially when you drive back to the Mainland. “Mainland Ke?” I now live in Oniru Estate almost 2yrs now” Oh really. Yes. The stress was too much and it was not close to work.” Oh wow! “Ali, it’s not worth it. I was waking up everyday at 5am just to get to the office in Ajose Adeogun for 8am.” You don’t say? “I’m telling you. Now I go to work at 7:45am” That’s interesting. “Yes ooo. And I get home for 5ish or max 6pm”. Wow! I then refreshed his memory of the conversation we had at Lord’s Nightclub in 1998… Ali, I did not know then naaa. CONGRAJULASHIONS!

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