Aisha Buhari Vs Tunde: Fani-Kayode Makes More Revelations About What Transpired At The Presidential Villa

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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has made more claims about the shooting incident that happened at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

This is coming after trouble ensued between Aisha Buhari and Private Secretary to the President, Yusuf Sabiu, aka Tunde, who is also a nephew to the President.

The trouble started on Thursday night when the First Lady’s Aide-de-camp, Usman Shugaba, attempted to force Sabiu into self -isolation over COVID-19 fears.

However, Sabiu, who had reportedly return from Lagos that night, insisted that he will not leave his residence at the precincts of the Presidential Villa despite the intervention of Aisha Buhari and her children.

It was later reported that the incident led to shooting in the presidential villa and Sabiu, the powerful aide, secured the arrest of Aisha Buhari’s aides who attacked him.

Reacting to this issue, Fani wrote: “I have heard the details of what actually transpired at the Villa a couple of nights ago and I am utterly appalled.

“How can a Personal Assistant order his men to fire shots in the air in an attempt to intimidate and threaten Aisha Buhari and the President’s children after hurling unprintable insults at them?

“No matter how one feels about Buhari and his Government this is unacceptable. The First Lady deserves to be respected.

“She also needs to be protected from the ruthless cabal of cruel and primitive misogynists that hold sway in the Villa before something terrible happens. You can’t shoot guns to threaten someone’s wife and still claim to love him.

“The insolent and heartless Personal Assistant that was responsible for this reckless affront and brutal assault ought to be grabbed by the scrotum, dragged to the front gate and thrown out of the Villa.

“He is a danger to the First Lady, a liability to the President and a disgrace to the nation.”

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