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Again, Boko Haram threatens to kill Leah Sharibu — Mother

Mrs Sharibu appreciated the concern shown by the entire world over their plight, and urged Federal Government, President Buhari, Vice President Osinbajo and Secretary to the Government of the federation to do everything possible to ensure Leah is released before the deadline.

She said: “A threat has been sent out that with effect from October, Leah will be the next in line to be killed. They said she pleaded with Federal Government to do whatever is required to ensure her release before that time.”

Madam Sharibu, who frequently broke down, said it is her desire that her daughter be released on October 1.

She thanked the entire world, most especially Nigerians for standing by the family and for pushing every angle to ensure that Leah is released, and also appreciated various prayer groups that have been praying for Leah’s safety.

She debunked rumour that her family took the Federal Government to court, saying they were not aware of such issue.

She explained that she was not after money, and that her family was only interested in their daughter’s release.

The convener of the meeting, Rev. Gideon Para-Mallam, said what he gathered from the woman’s emotional plea was a desire to express deep gratitude to Nigerians, the Church and the whole world for praying for her daughter’s release.

He said: “In view of the threat issued by Boko Haram that Leah would be killed one month from now, she wants her daughter saved. We do not want Leah to be killed. Her release is what the family is pleading for. That is also what the church is clamouring for; that she should be released.”

Para-Mallam said since the ultimatum given by Boko Haram is drawing close, something should be done urgently.

“The Nigerian government and the international community should act speedily to ensure that Leah is released. On the ransom claimed by the abductors, the negotiation is between the Federal Government and the captors, which I don’t know anything about,” he said.

Leah’s father, Nathan Sharibu also told journalists in Adamawa that the insurgents did not mention their demands.

He said: “They just said if Federal Government did not respond to their demands, they would go violent. We don’t know their demands. We are pleading with the whole world to mount pressure on the Federal Government to help release this girl.”

He said the family has been uncomfortable over Leah’s absence in the household.

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