Adalu, Beans And Corn Pottage

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Adalu is a combination of beans and corn. This combination is my favorite and apologies to all plantain lovers but this is better than beans and plantain. NO CAP!. Let’s get cooking.

• Beans
• Corn (I use tinned sweet corn)
• Seasoning cubes
• Onion
• Pepper (red bell pepper)
• Crayfish
• Palm oil
• Salt

1. Wash and put the beans on the fire. Allow to cook until soft but not mashy.
2. Add your onion, blended crayfish, pepper, and seasoning cubes. Allow to cook for 5 minutes.
3. Proceed to add salt and palm oil. Leave to cook for 5 minutes. Do not forget to taste.
4. Drain your sweet corn and add your sweet corn.

• If beans make you feel bloated after eating, wash and soak your beans overnight.
• Also, if you intend to use fresh corn, buy the soft one. However, if you buy the hard corn, add it to your beans while it is already cooking, just before you add the other ingredients. I do this and it works for me.

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