Activewear: What To Look Out For When Buying One

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The best activewear is activewear that makes you happy. You want to be at ease and confident no matter what.

That comfort and confidence come from wearing functional clothing that fits well and is appropriate for your activities. So, while liking the look of what you’re looking for is important, it shouldn’t be your only criterion.

You need the right activewear to lose weight or gain muscles that will turn heads. And by ‘right,’ we mean activewear that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. Here are five factors to consider the next time you decide what activewear to buy.

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The fit of your activewear determines the level of comfort you feel while lifting dumbbells or running. Your clothes, whether a sports bra or leggings, should feel like an extension of your body. However, this does not imply that it should be too tight. Look for activewear that fits your body type and strikes a balance between tight and loose.


People immediately think of the gym when they hear the word “workout.” While weight-lifting beds are an effective way to burn calories, cardio exercises like running or walking are also viable options.

To avoid UV radiation from the sun while exercising outside, choose activewear made of UV-protective fabrics.


Sweating and exercising are equivalent to numbers five and six. So, if you are bothered by sweat stains on your clothes, be very picky about the colours of sports bras or tank tops you wear.

Rather than purchasing a pink or body suit that will draw attention to the sweaty areas of your body, darker or neutral colours will suffice.


Functional in the sense that your activewear should be able to serve additional functions. For example, if you frequently carry small items such as a phone, credit card, or car keys, there is no doubt that you should choose clothing with pockets.

Type of fabric

Exercise can be strenuous, so you should wear athletic clothing made of the appropriate fabric. You should choose breathable fabrics. They not only keep you cool, but they are also gentle on your skin.

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