Aboru, Aboye Saga: Tope Alabi believes she’s above everyone


Funmi Aragbaye Veteran gospel musician, and currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gospel Musician Association of Nigeria, GOMAN, Funmi Aragbaye, has accused Alabi of behaving like ‘she is above God’.

‘Tope Alabi believes she is above everyone and God. She is neither a member of GOMAN nor a member of other gospel associations. She believes she is too much for it. She doesn’t belong to anyone; she is neither here nor there..

“The current state of the country is why many act the way they do. People take God for granted for being so merciful. Many people today are just worshipping God with their mouths; it doesn’t come from their hearts.

“If you speak with Pastor Bola Are, she will tell you the same thing. Most people preaching do not know what they are preaching about. They emerged from nowhere onto the scene’ Aragbaye, whose 1990’s Mo Gbo Ipe Olorun (Divine Call) was an instant hit, submitted while blaming the media for contributing to Alabi’s success, saying ‘despite fumbling for many years, the media continues to promote her’

Tope Alabi’s decision to use the term commonly used by ifa worshippers ‘aboru aboye,’ in her new song had become a subject that has aroused a controversy among Yoruba Christians.


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