Abdullahi Sule: Nigerians Will Appreciate Buhari More When He Leaves Office

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Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State said this while addressing State House correspondents after he met with President Buhari at the State House on Tuesday.

“I told the president that some of your efforts for the country will be more appreciated when you leave office. Today, you are the architect of the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano gas pipeline. Recently Nasarawa State signed an MoU after our gas roundtable in the state capital Lafia, where the top management of NNPC were around,” Mr Sule said.

It has been reported how scores of Nigerians are killed or kidnapped weekly by terror groups, mainly working in the Northern part of the country. Amid the insecurity, the purchasing power of most Nigerians has eroded as prices of goods and services have doubled in the past year without a corresponding increase in earnings.

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Mr Sule did not say if he discussed the worsening security and economic situation with the president. He, however, spoke about the other issues he discussed with Mr Buhari.

“We discussed about gas utilisation and we are bringing our own experience of what happened with the West African gas pipeline, where it was tapped from Sagamu into Ikeja and all the industries there are utilising gas.

“So for a country like Nigeria that has over 200 trillion standard cubic feet of gas, to say that somebody is building a gas pipeline for the utilization of gas, I don’t think that is a small thing but a lot will not understand this until may be when the President leaves office and in future, when we begin to have LPG everywhere for cooking and LNG so that most of our vehicles will convert to gas rather than petrol.

Many cannot see now what is going to happen tomorrow and by that time they will say who did this and they would be told its President Buhari and people will bless him,” the governor said.

The governor said he was in the State House to thank the president for the support the state has received in the area of security, which has helped to sustain peace across the state.

“I came to express our great appreciation to the president for the great support we have continued to receive in the area of security. You must have heard there were several joint operations of the special forces; the military, police, air force and navy in the two local government areas that are bordering Abuja, Toto and Karu.

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