A Big Bone To A Little Dog Is A Little Bone To A Big Dog” Burna Boy Shades Brymo


Burna Boy’s recent tweet which used a dog as an analogy has sparked speculation among netizens, with many suggesting it might be a subtle jab at fellow musician Brymo.

The ongoing online feud between these two artists has added fuel to the fire, making fans wonder if Burna Boy’s tweet was indeed directed at Brymo.

A big bone to a little dog is a little bone to a big dog”

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The feud between Burna Boy and Brymo ignited when Brymo accused Burna Boy of being a song thief, claiming that he lacked originality and had a penchant for using other artists’ work without proper credit or royalties. Brymo’s allegations took a swipe at Burna Boy’s reputation, accusing him of not owning his musical success. This exchange of words set the stage for a series of online confrontations.


Burna Boy initially remained silent in response to Brymo’s accusations. However, he eventually broke his silence with a freestyle song, where he took a clear shot at Brymo.

In the lyrics that caught the public’s attention, Burna Boy rapped, “hustle so you no go fall off like Brymo,” implying that people should work harder to avoid fading into obscurity like Brymo, who was once a prominent figure in the music industry but has seen his popularity decline.


In a recent development, Burna Boy appears to have revisited the feud, this time comparing Brymo to a little dog. He tweeted, “a big bone would be little to a big dog, but that same big bone will be big to a small dog.” Many believe that the “small dog” in this analogy is a reference to Brymo, suggesting that Burna Boy continues to take jabs at his fellow musician.

This ongoing feud between Burna Boy and Brymo has certainly captured the attention of fans and the media alike.


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