7 Footwear Every Woman Must Own

7 Footwear Every Woman Must Own
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How many people are crazy about shoes? People enjoy wearing different types of shoes, especially if they match their dress. The colours come next. Of course, the colour of your shoes reflects your overall appearance and personality.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 7 shoes that every woman should own;

Boots in Black

Yes, black boots are an essential piece of footwear for every woman. Black boots generally go well with all types of western clothing and help to give you a chic appearance. Black boots are always a good choice whether you prefer traditional black boots or an over-the-knee style.

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Pumps in Black

After black boots, a black pump is a must-have footwear for every woman. A simple black pump or a suede colour can be your ultimate choice, and the best thing about black pumps is that they can be easily pulled off.

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Sandals with Ankle Straps

Ankle strap sandals are another option that you should consider. A barely-there ankle-strap sandal goes with everything, lengthens, and creates the illusion of longer legs. Choose ankle strap sandals in black or suede.

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Platform Sandals Made of Wood

If you want to go for a simple city walk or shopping, wooden platform sandals are a good choice because they have a subtle look and also help to give you an ultimate look. Wooden platform sandals look great with any dress.

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Ballet Shoes

If you don’t like wearing heels all the time, you should opt for ballet flats. Ballet flats are an essential item that should be included in your wardrobe. Ballet flats should be worn for everything from a long night out to a simple city walk.

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Heels with Animal Print

Now that animal print is popular, it should be on your list of essential footwear. Animal print heels look great and help to add a hot and sensual element to your personality. Consider wearing anything from leopard print to neutral prints and combinations.

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Metallic Pumps

Metallic heels are a no-brainer, but they still look great. If you like pastel colours, you should wear metallic heels because they go well with your dress.

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