6 Types Of People You Should Never Date


Love as many may say; Is blind. Sometimes, we do get it wrong by simply getting attached to people with little caring, love, and a disguise attitude coming from them at an initial.


As a result of this, we do end up getting into the wrong hand because we refused to take our time and observe their nature of being, whether calm or easily provoked with minor things, aggressive and what have you.


We were so curious and desperate to be in love with such a person because we think they might make the best partner for us and we thereby neglect other things to be taken into consideration in a person.


Before you go into any relationship with the opposite gender, you’ve got to be very careful and observable to avoid making the wrong choice.

Below are the types of people you shouldn’t date irrespective of how you’re been pressurized by peer groups or family as you will probably be at the dangerous side of the relationship and might regret the day you made the choice. They are:

1. People Who Won’t Treat You Right But Don’t Want To Let You Go

This is the type of people who usually find an excuse for their lack of caring for you.

They will tell you everything about their love for you but their action is contrary to their words of mouth (easier said than done) and when you complain of it, they refuse to admit to it and instead, always look for convincing silly excuses to cover things up.

Yet, they refuse to take their corrections.

This type of person will never let go of you even when you’re deemed fit to leave.

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2. People Who Lack Empathy

This one is a huge red flag. When someone lacks empathy, they’re also very selfish, and they don’t see things from anyone else’s perspective other than their own. They’ve either never been through a hard time in life or they simply can’t relate or understand anything about human kindness and empathy. Kindness is imperative in every aspect of your life and should be a big part of your dating life, social life, and in any relationship that you might have. It’s important to find the type of person who matches your level of empathy when it comes to dating so that you can walk hand-in-hand and give back to the world and to others who are in need.

3. Selfish People

It’s imperative to be with the type of person who is selfless and cares about your wants and needs as much as their own, if not more. Many people are very selfish in their lives and also when it comes to dating someone. The selfish type will never consider your feelings, your wants, your needs, or your desires in life. There should always be a healthy balance between what both people want when you’re dating or in a relationship. A selfish person will always put your wants and needs last, and sometimes, they’ll never even consider your wants and needs at all.

4. Unhappy People

We all have good days and bad days, happy moments, sad moments, and we even get upset at times. People have many different emotions each and every day. But if the person you’re thinking of dating is predominately unhappy with themselves or in their lives, you shouldn’t date them. It’s important to be a whole person and to feel good about yourself and be happy in your life before you date anyone else.

Someone who’s unhappy will drain your energy, kill your enthusiasm, destroy your inspiration, and make you also feel unmotivated and miserable. It’s true what they say, that misery loves company, and dating this type of person will definitely bring more misery.

5. Never Date A Person Who Is Never Around 

You have to wait for hours together to get a text or a call back. They are selfish and only get in touch when they want you or miss you. Forget making you feel special and loved, they are not there even when you need them the most!

6. Someone Who Hasn’t Healed From Past Relationships

Getting into a relationship with this person might leave you devastated for they might end up comparing you to the person in their past. This will do more damage than good since they fail to recognise that you are not and cannot be that person.


With more dating struggles, people say we shouldn’t be too picky. It’s already hard enough to find someone who’s single nowadays because everyone else seems to be taken.

But that doesn’t mean you should lower your standard. By having them helps you make a better decision. You’ll find it easier to say “no” to the wrong person. You can feel it when you truly want to be with them or just want to give it a “try.”


At the end of the day, it’s always better to be with someone who’s right for you — even if you have to wait longer.







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