6 Things every best man MUST do

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If you live in Nigeria, especially Lagos, you’ll almost certainly have weddings to attend on almost all weekends.

So your close friend recently asked you to be his best man on his wedding day, and you’re probably not sure what you’re supposed to do.

Being a best man is a great job, and it’s definitely not too late to brush up on a few things you can do to ensure you’re the most effective best man at a wedding ceremony if you’re ever called upon.

Your best man obligations will be divided into two stages: wedding planning and the wedding day itself.

Stages of Wedding Planning

6 Things Every Best Man MUST Do


This is a very crucial role; it is your responsibility as best man to guarantee that the Groom, in particular, is fitted and that his suit is ready for the wedding. You must also coordinate with the rest of the groomsmen to ensure that they are all properly suited.

The Conflicting Parties

As the best man, you will not only be expected to arrange a “Bachelor’s Party” for the groom, but you will also be expected to attend the engagement party, rehearsal dinners, wedding reception, and possibly even a reception after party. A best man’s job is never done, at least not until the couple departs on their honeymoon.

6 Things Every Best Man MUST Do
Groom and best man in tuxedos

The Groomsmen

Getting the groomsmen properly fitted and suited for the wedding isn’t the end of your groomsmen duties; you must also ensure that each groomsman chosen understands and is prepared to actively fulfill their duties as groomsmen. The groomsmen aren’t simply there to take pictures and appear nice during the wedding; they’re there to help the groom with the planning and organization of the wedding activities.

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On Your Wedding Day


As best man, you must ensure that the groomsmen, and especially the groom, get ready and arrive at the wedding location on time and in style.

You will be expected to act as a guide for the groom, ensuring that he does not become overburdened with mingling, that he does not over-drink, and that he does not have any wardrobe malfunctions.

The Engagement Ring

It will be your responsibility as best man to keep the wedding rings secure in the days leading up to the ceremony, and if there is no ring bearer, you will have to fill that role as well.

The Toast to the Best Man

The delivering of the best man’s toast at the wedding reception is a well-known job of the best man, so you must be prepared. Do not try to freestyle; instead, plan out what you are going to say, even if it is something humiliating; be tactful; share wisdom; and, finally, try to keep it brief.

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