50 Unique Igbo Names For Boys

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This list of Igbo names for boys will help you select a unique name for your child.

How do people choose Igbo names for boys?

There are factors that can influence a child’s name in Igboland.

Some of these factors are:

• Circumstances surrounding the birth of the child

• Conditions of the parents at the time of birth

• Location of birth can also decide Igbo names for boys

• The position of the child among his siblings

• Happenings around the time of birth

Igbo names for boys and their meaning

Diokpa: first son.

Ifeadigo: the light has come. This is given to a boy who has many elder sisters.

Obiajulum: Now my heart is at rest. This name is also given to a long-awaited male child.

Ikpa: farm. If a child is born on the farm, he can be called, Ikpa.

Dinta: hunter: If the boy should be, or his father is, a great hunter.

Ebubedike: the glory of a hero. It is given to the son of a warrior.

Nwigwe: Son of a king.

Igbo names for boysIgbo names for boys

Nwafor: A son who was born on Afor market day

Nworie: A son who was born on Orie market day.

Nweke: A son who was born on Eke market day

Nwankwo: A son who was born on Nkwo market day.

Nwolisa: child of God.

Olisa: God

Ikechukwu: the power of God. (One of the popular Igbo names for boys)

Ikenna: Power of the father.

Chibunna: God is the father

Chukwuemeka: God has done well

Chinazo: God saves.

Chijindu: God holds life. This is given to a son who almost died at childbirth, whose mother died at childbirth, who was born after someone close to the family died. In fact, it is one of the Igbo names for boys given to a child who was born after the death occurred.

Ozoemena: May another one not happen. The circumstance is the same as above.

Chidindu: God is alive

Onwubiko: Death, please. This name is popular among parents who have lost other children.

Nnanna: father’s father. This is given to a boy who is incarnate of his dead father or grandfather.

Ifeanyichukwu: nothing is bigger than God. This is given to a long-sought son or a boy who was born to struggling parents.

Obi: heart/compound. Obi is also a prefix, as can be seen below.

Obinna: father’s heart or father’s compound.

Obiora: the heart/compound of the community.

Obinne: Mother’s heart

Obinwanne: brotherly love

Obianwuna: let the heart/compound not die

Kanzekwe: May high chiefs agree

Ojekanwaehi: he who walks like a calf

Eze: king. This can also be prefix

Ezeamama: well-known king

Ezeimenderi: king of the night

Ezeanyanaso: the king the eyes fear

Oguchinalurum: the fight God fights for me

Tobenna: worship the father

Tobechukwu: worship God

Lotanna: remember the father

Lotachukwu: remember God

Somadina: may I not be alone

Chikamso: I am following God

Chibuzo: God is the way

Uzodimma: the road is good

Uzoma: good road

Nnamdi: my father lives. This is one of the igbo names for boys given to a son who is incarnate of a late father.

Chinedu: God leads

Uchenna: the thoughts of the father

Uchechukwu: the thoughts of God

Nwadiaso: this child is sweet/holy.

Beluchi: cry to God

Nkemakolam: may my own not leave me

Chukwudi: There is God

Chukwunonso: God is close

Munachiso: I am with God

Kamsiyonna: the way I asked God

Zikoraifechukwu: show the world the light of God

Jidenna: hold the father

Onyekachi: who is bigger than God?

Zeribe: avoid bad people

Ochudo: he who chases after peace

Ume: breath

Uwazurike: let the world rest now

Oliseloka: God has thought well

Chike: this is a short form of ‘chineke’ which means God the creator

Ndubueze: life is king

Chigoziem: God bless me

Okani: great

Ogugua: consolation

Okenna: father’s share

Nwachukwu: God’s child

Kelechi: thank God

Chizaram: God answered me.

Chibidoro: God started

Nwabugwu: a child is a thing of pride

Ugwu: mountain

Onu: neck

Chimaobi: God knows my heart

Muoneke: the spirit creates

Muonanu: the spirit can hear

Onwuegbuchulam: may death not wipe me away completely

Azubuike: the back is the strength.

Kachimezuo: may God finish….

Amuka: laughter is bigger

Chukwumerije: God created the journey

Chukwudumaga: God leads me (but it is not a popular name because it can be shortened to ‘maga’, meaning a fool)

Ezomchi: I’m following God

Enyinnaya: his father’s friend

Ogbonna: Father’s namesake

Ejike: with power

Ejidike: he who holds a hero

Echezona: do not forget

Onyedikachi; who is like God

Onyeneke: he who creates

Dikoma: a good-hearted warrior

Okoro: strong man

Udo: peace

These are the most unique Igbo names for boys! Hopefully, you’ll find a unique name in this list for your baby boy!

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