5 World Records That Are Almost Impossible To Break

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However, some world records are virtually difficult to break, here are five of the most difficult records to break you shouldn’t even try.

Lisa broke the record for the most roof tiles broken in a minutes [Guinness book of records]

Can you imagine breaking roof tiles with your bare hands? Well, someone has done that. On the set of “Lo Show dei Record” in Italy on July 11, 2014, taekwondo expert, Lisa Dennis broke 923 roof tiles in one minute with just her bare hands.

This man was completely covered in bees [Kanyidaily]

Did you know that Ruan Liangming, a man from China, currently holds the world record for wearing the thickest bee suit? It’s quite an impressive feat! There were about 637,000 bees on his body, and they weighed together about 140 pounds. Thankfully, Guinness does not recognise dangerous stunts like this.

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An Englishman by the name of Ken Edwards made an appearance on The Big Breakfast TV show on March 5th, 2001, where he astounded viewers by devouring a record-breaking 36 cockroaches in just one minute. It’s hard to imagine anyone having the stomach for such a feat but Edwards proven himself to be quite the insect connoisseur!

Kevin Fast pulled the largest aircraft [Londonworldrecords]

Kevin Fast set the record for the heaviest vehicle to be carried over at a height of 100 feet on September 15, 2008. The airplane weighed over 57,243 Kg. This sounds like a real-life Hulk.

Michael Lotito loved eating metal [Eltiempo]

Michel Lotito, a man from Grenoble, France, was known for eating items that are typically not thought of as edible as televisions, bicycles, and even a whole aeroplane. Lotito, who reportedly consumed approximately nine tons of metal by 1997, suffered from a disease that made him eat things other than food. Lotito died from natural causes and not metal eating as you would expect.

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