5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Children As A Parent

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Being a good and reliable parent isn’t a title that automatically jumps on a person, it is incurred based on your impact and efficiency in the affairs of your children, most especially in the area of their personal development.

As a parent who desires to create a strong mutual bond with his or her children, it then becomes pivotal to consider certain practices.

1. Be their best friend and companion

The first step in improving your relationship with your children is being their best friend, and this is only obtainable when they can trust you. To get the unsolicited love of your children, you must be attentive to their emotions, spend quality time with them, and equally show concern for everything that pertains to them. When your children trust your sense of judgement well enough, they wouldn’t want to hide anything that concerns them from you.

2. Always give them a chance to express themselves

Children tend to appreciate an atmosphere where they are given a fairground to express themselves without being judged or victimized. The practice of giving your children the opportunity to express their emotions and opinion on any issue will give you a better insight into guiding their philosophy and orientation about life.

3. Show an active interest in their spiritual and moral growth

It isn’t enough to be actively concerned about your children’s academic growth alone but to show adequate interest in their spiritual growth and morality as well. This can best be done by following up on their religious activities, teaching them the etiquette of spiritual development and the need for them to adopt a good attitude, especially in their dealings with others.

4. Develop the habit of rewarding them for any achievement they make

Studies have shown that ‘when a positive behaviour or good deed is recognized and rewarded, there is a likelihood for such behaviour to be repeated. In other words, do not leave the good deeds of your children unrecognized. You can reinforce positive behaviour by giving them a treat or gifting them with items they cherish.

5. Reprimand them when necessary, but it must be done in love

There are times your children might do things you wouldn’t be pleased with, but when they do, it becomes pivotal not to ‘sweep their flaws under the carpet’, but to address them.

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