5 Types Of People You Should Never Be Friends With


There will always be toxic people in your life, but it is important to realize who these people are and why they are toxic. Healthy relationships are so critical to daily life, and sometimes it is necessary to delete some people for your own benefit.

Everyone has a different objective, but something that’s common for everyone is that their happiness and fulfilment involves forming relationships with other people.

Having a loving and caring family, partner, and friends will help you reach your goals and happiness much more easily.

However, like anything in life, it’s impossible to have only the good things without experiencing the bad things. And having bad and toxic friendships has always been a very common occurrence.

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Below is a list of people you should probably avoid in your life:

1. People Who Never Reach Out To You

Do you feel like you are the one doing everything in a friendship to maintain it? A very common trait of a toxic friendship is one-sided investment of time and effort. Imagine this situation: You’re always the one who has to make plans to meet with your friend, and if they decide to answer your texts, they also make you feel like they are making you a favour. If you can relate with that situation, then it might be a good idea to end the relationship.

Being in a friendship where you have to do everything and then they make you feel like they are doing you a favour can be very exhausting and make you feel under-appreciated.

2. People Who Always Talk About Themselves

Keeping a balance in relationships can be considered impossible so accepting that some things will be unfair in friendships is very common.

However, do you feel like your conversations with your friend always end up being about them? Even when you talk to them about a problem that you’re having, they turn it around so that the conversation ends up being about them. You might be looking for someone who you can vent your problems into, only to find yourself being the one listening to your friend’s problem.

Having this kind of friend can be frustrating since you will feel like you cannot rely on them or tell them anything, while you have to always give them your time and attention.

3. People Who Always Needs Something 

Can you think of a friend who only ever talks to you about something he/she needs? This is a very telling sign that you have a toxic relationship with that person.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to need things from your friends from time to time. But a friend who is constantly asking for things from you, be it money, class notes, or a ride, without giving anything back is certainly someone who will not contribute to your happiness.

Remember that friendships should involve mutual interest, and not one person just taking from the other.

Additionally, people tend to change their relationship priorities at different times in their lives, and it’s normal for your friends to have less time for you when they start working on a personal project, or when they find a partner.

What’s not okay is only looking for you when they need something, and then giving you zero priority and disappearing once they get what they want.

That only shows that rather than being interested in you, they only see you as someone who they can take from. So, cutting these people out of your life will allow you to spend more time and effort into people who are actually interested.

4. People Who Gossip 

This is the person who loves to spread rumors, secrets and lies about other people.

They may seem friendly and interested in your life, but they are actually looking for juicy information to share with others.

They may also talk behind your back and betray your trust. The gossip does not care about your privacy or reputation, and it can ruin your relationships and credibility.

5. Those Who Don’t Remember Anything About You

This friend never remembers what you tell them about your life. You find yourself constantly repeating yourself because they never remember what you told them a couple of days ago.

Friends should listen and remember. If someone cares about you, they will remember the little details about your life.


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