5 Simple ways to stay hydrated during the rainy season

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Most people think hydration is just for the dry season, but surprisingly, we get dehydrated in the rainy season also.

During the chilly, harsh rainy season, your body requires as much water as it can get. Cold weather causes your body’s temperature to drop, leaving your skin parched and dehydrated as it attempts to warm up. This is why it is critical to keep your body hydrated.

Hydration during rainy season

Here are 5 simple ways to remain hydrated throughout the cold rainy season:

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  • Set a water-drinking goal: Tracking your water consumption is a tried-and-true strategy for staying hydrated on frigid days. Set a water goal for yourself and track your water consumption with apps to ensure you always have a water bottle on hand to hydrate.
  • Drink plenty of warm water: On cold days, drink plenty of warm water, homemade smoothies, and nutritious hot beverages.
  • Consume hydrating foods: Fluid meals such as oranges, oats, cantaloupe, celery, and yoghurts are good ways to increase your water intake. Homemade soups with veggies and herbs are also excellent hydrating foods.
  • Layer your clothing: Breathable fabrics help to reduce water loss and perspiration.
  • Rehydrate after exercising: More strenuous activities necessitate more hydration. Drink half a cup of water after every fifteen minutes of activity to replenish lost workout fluid.

Using natural indoor plants and a humidifier, you can keep your home moisturized. Your skin and nose will appreciate it.

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