5 Simple Natural Hair Protective Hairstyles To Try Right Now

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African women have thick, dense hair that can be skillfully shaped into stunning hairstyles. The natural dryness and brittleness of kinky hair, on the other hand, is the other side of the medal that requires special care.


Protective hairstyles are designed to reduce the stress caused by environmental factors on natural hair.


We’ll show you 60 simple but eye-catching protective hairstyles, as well as how to care for your natural hair.

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Advantages of Protective Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles are invaluable because, in addition to providing a flawless elegant appearance, they keep your hair ends tucked and protected from aggressive damaging factors. They also help to retain moisture, and length and protect the edges from thinning.

Aside from wearing protective hairstyles, you can improve the health of your coils by following these kinky hair tips:

  • Before styling your hair, nourish it with natural oils or apply hydrating balms.
  • Allow your hair to dry overnight; wear a hat or a head wrap to protect your hair from extreme heat or cold.
  • Sleep with a satin scarf on your head to protect your coils overnight.
  • Let’s look at how you can protect your hair by styling it.

Which protective hairstyle, flat twists, pineapple hairstyle, or side part updo will be your new iconic look after browsing these ideas?

Updo with Flat Twists

Some protective hairstyles, such as box braids and jumbo cornrows, can pull on edges or weigh down your strands, which is the inverse of what you want. You can counteract this by using twists. They have the same effect but are lighter and more comfortable to wear.

5 protective flat twists updo

Headband Flat Twist Updo

Part your hair on the side and twist the front sections into a super-feminine Bohemian braid. The hairstyle is simple to create at home and requires no special tools. It’s an excellent way to quickly pull your hair into a protective hairstyle and then undo it.

2 protective updo with a headband twist

Side-Parted Two Chunky Twists

When medium-length natural hair needs to be protected from damaging heat and sun, two long twist braids are an excellent choice. The braids are just right – feminine and appealing without any extra colors or accessories.

3 two twist braids for medium length natural hair

Criss Crossed Cornrows

Cornrows, like flat twists, are the MVP of hairstyle versatility. If you’re looking for a new take on braids for the summer, this cornrow hairstyle is ideal. The braids on the lower back are totally beachy and laid-back. Just remember to be gentle on the edges when installing.

12 protective cornrows and ghana braids

Twists and Cornrows Updo

To achieve a modern and appealing protective style for natural hair, braid short hair into a series of curvy cornrows. The loose twists on top add height and femininity.

7 protective updo style for short natural hair

Their ends fall to one side, creating playful bangs.


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