5 Most Trending Sunglasses Designs You Need To Try

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Purchasing sunglasses are frequently a spur-of-the-moment decision for many people. Most people stick to a shortlist of available styles in a store, followed by a speedy trial in front of a mirror.


However, understanding your face shape and how sunglasses can be selected to complement it can make a significant difference in your appearance.


A Round Shape

A rectangular frame is your best sunglass shape if you have a round face like Emma Stone or Mila Kunis. Round faces have equal width and length, and rectangular frames make them appear longer, offsetting the roundness to some extent.

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The rectangular shape also makes your face appear slimmer than it is by providing the appropriate contrast and shifting the focus away from your facial shape. Individuals with rounder faces should therefore choose angular frames, which add definition.

Rectangular Shape

Choose aviator frames with no rims. Aviator frames may be your best bet if you have a longer rectangular face. They make a long face appear shorter and wider due to their width. Round sunglass frames are also flattering on people with rectangular faces. People with this face shape should avoid wearing rectangular eyeglasses because they will make your face appear longer.

Square Face

A square face features a strong jaw, a broad forehead, and broad cheekbones. Sunglass shapes that can soften the impact of such a strong set of facial features are required. People with square faces should try thin, round or oval frames.

They will add contrast and soften the appearance of sharp angles on all fours. It evens out your face shape.

A Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and a thinner jawline. Because the heart’s face shape is broad on top and narrow on the bottom, the sunglass style should be similar. On such faces, a narrow frame with a narrower bottom looks best.

One such example that complements heart-shaped faces is a cat-eyed frame. People with heart-shaped faces should avoid aviators because they tend to emphasize or underline the shape of your face.

An Oval Face

You are the luckiest of all if you have an oval face. Every shape of sunglasses looks stunning on an oval face that is perfectly balanced and proportioned. You can pick up anything you want, whether it’s a rectangular frame, a retro square-shaped frame, an aviator, or a sporty sunglass.

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