5 Earring Styles You Should Have In Your Collection

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Let’s look at the Earring styles you should have in your collection…

Isn’t it true that earrings are the best? They could be the one item of jewellery that can fully stand on its own when it comes to accessorizing.

Who needs a bracelet or necklace when you have a killer pair of earrings? However, earrings can also play a supporting role. It’s entirely up to you.

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When you wear your hair down, your earrings might peep out from behind it, or they can be the main attraction when you wear it up in a ponytail or pixie cut.

That is what makes earrings so appealing. There is an earring to match every mood, style, and clothing.
Every woman can discover her perfect match. This post will provide you with five different types of earrings that you should have in your collection.

1. Basic studs

Basic studs

Everyone needs a good set of studs to go with their regular clothes. Studs are perfect for folks who like to wear their earrings all the time.

Although they are modest and basic, there are styles to suit every personality, ranging from traditional circles and pearls to miniature diamonds and elaborate designs.

2. Exceptional dangles

Exceptional dangles

For those big meals and weddings, you want a gorgeous pair (or two, or three) of dangles. These don’t have to be beautiful jewellery, but they should have some lustre.

Dangles composed of silver, gold, beads, or diamonds are ideal. Wear these whenever you want to elevate your ensemble.

3. Inventive dangles

Inventive dangles

Fill your jewellery box with enormous and eccentric dangles to wear at brunch or to take with you on a cruise or around the streets of London.

Dangles are more sophisticated than standard studs, but they pack a punch in terms of colour.

4. Earrings made with pearls or diamonds

Earrings made with pearls or diamonds

You’ll appreciate having a pair of pearl or diamond earrings on hand for emergencies. These offer a touch of elegance to every ensemble and work with literally anything.

5. Earrings with hoop

Earrings with hoop

Hoops come in various forms and sizes, and we make no distinctions. Choose the ones that make you feel fabulous. You can wear hefty enormous tortoiseshell earrings, ultra-thin silver hoops, or even beautiful small Huggies (these are those mini hoops that hug your ear).

Earrings that are more fashionable

That’s it: the five varieties of earrings that everyone requires.

However, if you’ve been paying attention over the last few years, you may have noticed that earrings have seen quite a renaissance! There are numerous different earring styles to try, but these three are our favourites. Why not rock them while they’re hot, whether they fade in favour or become timeless classics?

Ear coats aren’t technically new, but they’ve recently become extremely popular because of all of the celebrities that wear them. These earrings, also known as front back earrings, are like two earrings in one. You can wear the stud alone or with the rear half for added oomph.

Cuff earrings are small bracelets that go around your ear. They round your earlobe. If you like a lot of sparkles and shine on your ears, match these with a pair in your pierced holes. In fact, with cuff earrings, anyone can wear earrings, even if their ears aren’t pierced!

Threaded earrings are designed for those of us who dislike having those bothersome backings poke us in the neck. These beautiful chains drop freely from your pierced hole. You can even loop them around multiple times if you have multiple earring holes!

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