4 Anti-Aging Secrets To Keep You Looking Younger

4 Anti-Aging Secrets To Keep You Looking Younger

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Whether it’s a great skincare regimen or youthful energy about them, there are countless individuals who never manage to look at their chronological age, they always look younger.

While, short of finding the fountain of youth, you may not be able to look 20 forever, ditching some habits that make you look older can have you turning back the clock in no time.

Sleep Naked
There’s no need for PJs when it comes to anti-aging. Doctor Natasha Turner, wrote being too warm when you sleep, by wearing too many clothes, can actually prevent your body from cooling down, which disrupts the release of your anti-aging hormones. So sleep naked! It feels good and it will help you prevent wrinkles.

Reduce coffee intake
Coffee helps fuel you through long, tiring days. The only issue? When it comes to aging, it’s not doing you any favors. According to Mona Dan, Chinese traditional medicine expert and founder of Vie Healing in Beverly Hills:

Caffeine stimulates your adrenals and puts stress on them. Our adrenals hold onto our lifelong essence, it’s what our bodies come into the world with, and as we age, we lose our essence. We start getting shorter and our memory and vision start getting spotty. To keep the adrenals happy, we must support them by reducing caffeine. This will assist with long-term anti-aging.

Reduce sitting hours
Sitting around feels so good, but it’s bad when it comes to aging. A study found out that sitting less than three hours a day could boost your life expectancy by a whopping two years. Yes, just from getting off your butt whenever possible, whether that’s through a standing desk at work or multiple walking breaks during the day to get your body moving.

Take a nap
If you miss out on crucial sleep hours, taking a regular nap is definitely necessary, yes, even as a full-grown adult. A six-year-long study of 24,000 participants found those who caught took a nap occasionally during the day actually kept their hearts healthier. In fact, those who napped three times a week for 30 minutes had a 37 percent lower coronary mortality than those who didn’t nap at all.

So eat healthy, rest, and stay positive.

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