“30K Naira” Nigerians Talk About N30, 000 Minimum Wage

As the federal government of Nigeria has begun the payment of Thirty Thousand Naira as the new minimum Wage, some Nigerians are still not pleased with it.


In the early hours of today, the hashtag #30kNaira# trended on twitter following the tweet of social media influencer and commentator Wale Adetona, popularly known as Slimfit.

In the tweet, Slimfit said one can earn 30K Naira per month and live comfortably.


He wrote: “You can earn 30K Naira per month and live comfortably. However, you can also earn 3M Naira per month and still live in debts. Bottom line, cut your coat according to your cloth! Don’t live to impress anyone.”


He added: “I will leave you guys to be dissecting this 30K Naira monthly earnings thing. But like I said earlier, the main point is that people should learn to live within their means. If you like, listen to fake-woke Twitter and reject any offer of 30K when you actually need it.


As the revered digital media practitioner’s post didn’t go down well with most people, they quickly took to his neck instantly.






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