3 Secrets On How To Make The Best Yam Pottage Recipe

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Yam pottage or yam porridge (Asaro) is a delicious one-pot dish that is popular in Nigeria. Yam pottage is very easy to make and of course, Yam is the main ingredient in the dish.

In this video, Ify of ‘Ify’s Kitchen’ share secrets and tips on how you can make your Yam pottage/ yam porridge absolutely tasty.

Also referred to as Yam porridge, Yam pottage can be made be with pretty much any protein, meat, fish, pomo, prawns, crabs, smoked fish etc. Asaro (as the Yorubas call yam pottage) can also be served with a fried pepper sauce known as ata dindin, In fact, Asaro and Ata din-din is a delicacy served at Nigerian parties.

Don’t be surprised when you see some yam porridge made with vegetables and others are left plain. The food vlogger also enjoys eating Yam porridge with some yummy Efo riro or sautéed vegetables on the side. To ensure varieties to your Yam pottage or yam porridge, switch it up sometimes with plantains, sweet potatoes, beans or even pasta.

Ingredients to make Yam pottage with Vegetables /Yam Porridge (Asaro)
5 slices yam (cut into cubes)
2 tablespoons ground crayfish
Seasoning powder to taste
Salt to taste
2 handful shredded ugu leaves
1 ripe plantain
2 dried fish
½ cup of palm oil
2 tomatoes
2 red bell pepper
6 Cayenne pepper (shombo)
5 Scotch bonnets

Watch the video below:

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