10 Trending Ankara Kimono Jackets And Dresses For 2023

Ankara Kimono Jackets
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The Ankara kimono jacket is a must-have piece for any fashionista. This is an excellent way to layer your outfit without appearing overly dramatic. You’ll be surprised at how many ways your designer can style a kimono jacket for you.

Ankara has evolved into an African fabric we must have in our wardrobes. Gone are the days when they were only used to sew traditional attire.

Kimono jackets and dresses are great fashion styles worn for almost any occasion. They are also very comfortable and can be layered over any outfit.

If the weather is cool, you can wear a long-sleeved kimono; if it’s hot, you can wear a sleeveless one. So, if you want to join the kimono trend, we’ve gathered 10 Ankara kimono jackets and dresses for you.

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1. Cute Long Kimono Dress

This year, a stylish kimono outfit is all the rage, and there’s no reason not to have one in your closet. This has a one-of-a-kind and simple design that makes it suitable for any occasion and style.

Long Cute Kimono Dress 800x1000 1 768x960.jpg

2. Kimono Jacket with Long Sleeves

This exciting kimono outfit comes with shorts, but you can wear it with jeans if you want it to be less dramatic and cute.

Long Sleeve Kimono Jacket 800x1000 1 768x960.jpg

3. Maxi Kimono Gown

This is the kimono outfit for you if you prefer your outfits to be comfortable and large but stylish.

Kimono bubu 800x999 1 768x959.jpg

4. Kimono Jacket Kiki Butterfly

A kimono jacket can be as fashionable as any other type of Ankara gown. This is a stunning and well-designed kimono jacket that is appropriate for a variety of traditional occasions.

Butterfly Kimono 800x1000 1 768x960.jpg

5. Long Ankara Jacket/Kimono Dress

Another kimono style that every woman should have in her wardrobe. This is appropriate for Sunday church, a simple wedding, or just hanging out with friends. There is also room for you to incorporate some of your designs.

Long Ankara Jacket Kimono 800x1000 1 768x960.jpg

6. Elegant Long Kimono Jacket Gown

Kimono dresses and jackets are quickly becoming the new trendy way to wear Ankara fabric. This Ankara dress jacket has been around for a while, and designers have continued improving it. This kimono style is appropriate for weddings and anniversaries.

el afrique 800x1000 1 768x960.jpg

7. Kimono Robe (Short)

If you want to be sexy, go for the short ones. This is a really cute kimono style that would be ideal for wearing to work on a Friday. This can also be worn with a gown.

Afrikea 768x1024.jpg

8. Cap Sleeve Gown Average

This dress is just as elegant if you’re sick of wearing kimonos. This is yet another exciting kimono dress to wear to a wedding. You can’t go wrong with such a stunning piece.

yemialade 800x987 1 768x948.jpg

9. Kimono Maxi with Bell Sleeves

Maxi kimonos are stunning and lovely. One of the advantages of maxi kimonos is that they are extremely comfortable and can be worn with a gown, jeans, and a top.

purplebyjfer 800x1000 1 768x960.jpg

10. Kimono Jacket and Ankara Dress

Pharma 768x993 1

Try an Ankara dress and kimono for a more formal look. This is very fashionable and will make you stand out at any event.

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