Fuji star, Abass Akande popularly known as Obesere loves to play enthusiastically, dine and wine at other people’s birthday soiree but he wouldn’t invite anyone to his birthday.

While some of his contemporaries would throw a jamboree on their birthdays, the energetic singer prefers to keep it low. On January 28, Obesere added another year and instead of holding an elaborate party, the easy-going musician was hosted by his close friends who still remember his birthday.

Obesere is 53 but he has never rolled out the drums to celebrate his birthday unlike his counterparts.

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On why he has decided not to celebrate his birthday, Omo Rapala as he is fondly called said “there is always time for everything.”  He also believes that as at when due, he would be celebrated by all not only on his birthday but for his numerous achievement and legacy. “As for me, I believe in celebrating legacy and that is what I stand for. I want to impact on people’s lives positively. And by the time I’m gone, people should start talking about it. That is worth celebrating I think,” he told Benconews.com

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