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Touching Funeral of Father, Mother and Son Murdered Same Day

The atmosphere was tense, serious and filled with emotion as the officiating ministers from the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Ibeshe, the church the slain family attended, began the process to bidding Mr. and Mrs. Lucky Ehighogba and their son Jonathan, farewell from the earth.

All dressed in suits, they reminiscence the gruesome manner in which the threesome were brutally cut down in the middle of the night while they were peacefully sleeping, eliciting mournful tones and intermittent sighs and agony from the crowd watching the three freshly dug graves waiting to sallow the three innocent members of slain family.

As the session drags, the officiating minister, who couldn’t control himself again, broke down in tears and speechlessly walked away, sobbing agonizingly as another person took over. His agony erupted the bottled emotion of members of the congregation as the arena went in cries of various sounds, some weeping profusely in a secret corners.

I Had a Premonition of Their Death But Took No Action – Sister

The younger sister of late Mrs. Ehighogba, who simply identified herself as Peace, told our correspondent that she had a terrible dream prior to the incident

“Early last month, I had recurring dreams of my sister’s house burning down and she was wailing with her son, Jonathan lamenting the loss of all they had, and afterwards walking away to unknown destination. But I took the dream with Levity because I had little understanding of dreams. Then the case of Isawo town came to play, and I concluded that the revelation was about Isawo because I am a resident of Isawo. On Monday, my sister and I chatted for a long time about the retreat we were to go attend, and she even advised me to be very prayerful and more security conscious about what is happening in Isawo only to receive the tragedy news about their death on Tuesday while I was in the church. It was unbelievable until I saw things myself the next day. It was only then the dreams I had started to make meaning to me.

CDA Chairman
CDA Chairman

We Warned Lucky – CDA Chairman

The Chairman of Ibeshe Tutu Community Development  Association (CDA), Mr. Funsho, narrated how he noticed bushes of plaintain trees around the house, and warned Lucky to do something about them as they could be hiding places for people with bad intentions “One day while some members of CDA and I were on patrol of the streets, we got to Lucky’s house and saw the huge plantain trees that he planted round his compound and bushes surrounding his house so we called his attention to this, advising him to cut down those trees and bushes because they are just the best hiding place for hoodlums, but he didn’t take action, and now, they have successfully made their way in and out of his house using the route.

‘Ritual Killers Working for Traditional Rulers in the Community’

One of the relations of the slain family, who simply identified himself as Skyplu (not real name) also lamented bitterly the death of his family alleging that traditional rulers cannot claim innocent of the happenings considering the modus operandi of the assailants.

“This issue of Baddo which started in 2015 is no doubt ritualistically based. These people tie white ropes on their naked bodies with oil rubbed all over their body or carry small black bags anytime they are on duty. The operation which originally started with single ladies, and wives whose husbands are not around, involves rubbing the victims virgina with white or red handkerchiefs, and cutting part of their bodies usually the virgina, breast or leg after brutalizing them. They are never caught. The traditional rulers and Oba whom we taught were on our side are now presumed to be the ones sponsoring their operations because when one of them was caught and handed over to the Oba, the Oba handed him over to the police and that was all; we didn’t get to hear anything about him again. You don’t know who is who. We heard that they are four in number but the fact remains that they have their spy stationed everywhere in this community, the ones smiling with you may be the ones planning your death.”

We Can’t Blame or Curse God But Give Him Praises – Pastor

In emotion laden voice, the pastor of the church the family attends lamented thus: How else can you describe this pathetic and tragic situation; losing three church members who happens to make a family. God, it is a slap on my face as the pastor of the deceased; they are easy going, great believers and fervent workers. They even attended the prayer fellowship a day before this tragic incident, so would we say that they are not prayerful enough but God understands; He knows best; He has the power and control over all things; He would have prevented it if He had wanted to, but He knows why He allowed it to happen. We pray that God Almighty gives the family members fortitude to bear the loss because this is a real trying time for them. We can’t curse the perpetrators or take laws into our own hands; we would only pray for their forgiveness because it is only God that gives judgment.

…And the Mourners Lamented Loudly

A Resident, Peter Johnson who lamented bitterly to this unbearable situation, said that God would bring them to book.

“We all hear about Baddo, Baddo, Baddo; what a very wicked soul they are, to without pity, wiped off a whole family, leaving nobody behind to succeed or inherit their sweat. This is very painful and the worst of its kind. They are just so callous and wicked, showing no emotions as they smashed those their heads, gushing out their brains. Hmmm, God is really patient, and I pray He brings them to book speedily so they could pay for their deeds,” he said

Another resident, Ebuka Chukwuemeka, said that those evil people will die like chickens. Hear him:

“Look at the way they wasted a whole family, killing them like chickens without pity and they would say the government is wicked. No, this is so disheartening. All I ask from God is for Him to waste their lives too, and may they also die like chickens or even a more shameful death than this.”

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