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Popular Actress Caught With Drugs At The Airport

When people want to get rich quick and live a lifestyle they’ve not worked for, they turn to dirty acts in a bid to achieve their desperate desires and land in trouble. Why not work and enjoy your life in peace?

A popular actress (names withheld) was on Sunday night apprehended while allegedly trying to smuggle drugs inside her luggage estimated at millions into the country.

The popular South African actress was caught at the OR Tambo International Airport. The spokesperson of the South Africa Revenue Service (SARS), Luther Lebelo, said 15.4kg of ephedrine was found in the actress’ bag valued at R4.6m on arrival from Abu Dhabi.

He said, “The passenger, who was proceeding through the ‘Nothing to declare channel/green channel’, was stopped by customs officials for her bags to be scanned. One of her bags showed “suspicious images”.

“Upon investigation, officials discovered 15 parcels wrapped in carbon/foil-like material hidden in the luggage. Immediate tests conducted by SARS officials revealed the suspected substance was ephedrine.”

She has been handed over to the police. In line with South African law, her details will only be released to the media once she has appeared in court.

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