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Monday Digest: How To Survive Hardship And Still Thrive

Nobody sets out in life to fail, get hurt by others, take punches from the world until they die. But when these things inevitably happen they can completely take the wind out of your sails. Let us continue our consideration of some strategies that will help you survive hardship, hard knocks, dire circumstances and still thrive.

2. Create good habits and get rid of bad ones. Keep a consistent (and healthy) daily regimen.

This is really basic, but generally under-appreciated. A solid and consistent daily regimen will keep you in one piece through the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs.

Here are 12 easy life-changing habits you can start today:

  • Sleep 7-8 hours a night, EVERY NIGHT.
  • Wake up early to take advantage of the most productive (morning) time.
  • Get up and stretch from your chair every hour.
  • Pack a healthy lunch and healthy snacks (almonds and other nuts, PopChips, fruits, etc.); eat out sparingly.
  • Take good care of your digestion, because if you don’t, you’ll be miserable too often to function well and die too soon from chronic disease.
  • Walk around quickly as often as you can to get exercise. If you hate the gym like me, do push-ups every morning. Take the stairs, not the elevator, as much as you can.
  • Take good care of your hygiene (don’t be lazy at night), especially your teeth and skin.
  • Learn how to relieve your stress in safe and reliable ways. Have close friends and family around. Minimize (ideally, eliminate) the time you spend with people that add negativity (jealousy, envy, wasting of time, perpetuation of bad habits) and stress to your life.
  • Exercise regularly. Eat well, consistently. Sleep well. Have a glass of red wine once in a while.
  • Reinforce good habits with others who have them.
  • Learn to control your impulses. Outrun, out-walk, out-crawl, make a detour around temptation. Acknowledge your limitations and outsmart yourself. Simply stay out of the context where you can’t control your impulses. Simply keep away from unhealthy food, activities, relationships, spending, people, language, influences, etc. Be smart and cautious enough to nip trouble in the bud.
  • Learn to say no to people. This is by far one of the most important skills and habits of all. Practice makes perfect.
Good habits could be tough to form, but with determination, they come easier than anticipated; and once formed, you can drive on auto-pilot as very little effort will be required to maintain them. Any thought?
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