Marriage Troubles: Toyin Aimahku Runs To Church


This is the right way to go; any lady who decide to live a wayward life because she’s having issues with her husband will just be destroying herself. Men and women are not and can never be the same.

Don’t expect your hubby to be your equal, rather love him sincerely and he will be stupid to do otherwise.

Embattled actress Toyin Aimakhu, who is between ending her marriage and trying again, has said she has now given her life to Christ in other to have peace and rest. Best decision ever! Her words:

“You can have eyes wide open and see things but if you are blinded spiritually, there is limit to what you can see, it is more or less you are even blind. It takes the grace of God to make any human see from both ends, hmmmm! I will share my testimony soon.

HAVE YOU GIVEN YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST? Have you re-dedicated to him. Tomorrow might be too late, why don’t you do it now. Go on your KNEES and talk to him and I am sure he will listen. JESUS loves you. #NEWBEGINNING #NEWLIFE #HOPEINCHRIST”

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