Mark Zuckerberg Gives A Prophetic Verdict On Nigeria…Read What He Said

Mark Zuckerberg’s visits to Nigeria may have come and gone, but the dust he left behind remain unsettled.

During his visit, the fifth richest man in the world made some profound comments about Nigeria at the town hall meeting with Software developers, Netpreneurs and Entrepreneurs in Lagos. This is what he had to say:

“Nigeria is shaping the whole continent and influencing how things are going to work around the world for the next generation. After being here for a short period of time, I do believe that there’s no way Nigeria will not end up shaping what is being built around the world.

“The world need to see the energy in Nigeria. Here in Lagos and in the continent, things are changing really quickly. The economy is shifting from a resource-based economy into an entrepreneur- and knowledge-based economy. And you guys are the ones bringing that change not only in Nigeria but around the world.

“That is the story that is under-appreciated around world. People don’t have a feel of how much energy and entrepreneurial spirit are in here.”

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