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Man Marries Rat, Claims It’s Reincarnation Of Dead Wife

As Indians are mostly found with different wonders, there we found a man who married bicycle, now another man has married rat as his wife.

Chidhatma Basu, the man who married rat claimed that the rat was his wife who died early this year.
It was gathered that Basu’s wife died in January this year in a fatal motor accident.
When Basu was asked how he came by the rat, he said, ” I was in my room when i saw this rat at he entrance coming towrds me me ,it was since then had known tht the rat is my late wife who has come back to life inform of rat”.
He further stated that, it was since then he has been takinng good care of the  female rat .
At the scene of the marriage cerenony, people were eating, drinking and feeling joyous for Basu over his marriage to rat.


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