Years back, former Lagos State governorship candidate, Oluremi Adiukwu-Bakare was one of the most influential women who control Lagos fabrics market. Her nobility and influence were widely felt, and when she came out to contest the governorship elections under Progressive People Alliance (PPA), she was eagerly accepted by all and sundry.
But for the past few years, her name has dropped down on the list of most influential list of notable society women in Lagos and this has been the result of his political battles.
According to her, after she lost the election in 2007, it was very tough for her to survive in Lagos as the new government was allegedly hard on the opposition. As a result of this, she relocated to Abuja with a dream of building her business back. And as fate would have it, it didn’t take her so long before fortune found her again.
Today, the former banker claimed she’s one of the biggest fabrics importers in the federal capital.  According to her, her “business is even now bigger than what it was in Lagos.”
And on her recent absence at grade A social events, she explained that her scarceness is political inclined. “I’ve always been a political person, not a partying type. When I go to parties, I dance but I have never been the type that goes to all parties. I chose my outings. I will be back soon in Lagos,’ she ended.

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