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It’s been over ten years since Stella Obasanjo passed on. It would be recalled that Stella, the beautiful wife of former president Olusegun Obasanjo died after undergoing a cosmetic surgery in Spain in preparation of her 60th birthday bash. But unfortunately for her, she could not enjoy the celebration before her death.
However, while the society seems to have forgotten all the memories attached to her, the family has not. Society People sources have revealed that the family of the deceased are planning a remembrance party for her come October to commemorate her death. It would be recalled that Stella died on October 25, 2005 and by October it would be exactly 10 years that she departed for the land of the unknown. And to commemorate her death, sources said prayers would be offered to repose her soul and this is to be accompanied with a modest party which we learnt will take place in Abeokuta, capital of Ogun State. Olu, the only son of the deceased and some family members are said to be in charge of this celebration.
Meanwhile, there is news that the doctor responsible for the death of the deceased has been punished for his negligence during the operation. This was made known by Obasanjo in his new book, My Watch. Obasanjo said after the interment, he decided to look into the circumstances of her death. And through the help of the Nigerian Embassy in Spain, he was able to get justice for his wife who according to him, died due to the cosmetic surgeon’s carelessness.
“I instructed that the doctor and the clinic be prosecuted. The lost life cannot be brought back but the successful prosecution would prevent carelessness and loss of life in the future,” Obasanjo had said.

He said the doctor was made to pay damages which was collected by Olu, Stella’s only child and the doctor’s license withdrawn.

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