Club Owner Causes Stir Online For Walking with Ladies on a Leash

Over the weekend, a video surfaced on social media, of a popular lagos club owner, known simply as Pretty Mike, walking into a wedding venue with 2 ladies on a dog leash.

Here’s the video:

Many Nigerians have condemned the act, saying it is demeaning to women and girls. Another group brought the says although it is demeaning, female music stars should also be condemned for doing same in their music videos.

Then there’s a group that thinks since it’s between consenting adults, it’s none of anyone’s business.

Last Saturday was not the first time Mike was doing this as he shared a video on his Instagram Page on December 29, 2016 where he went to another event with the same ladies on a leash.

The videos are fuelling discussions on BDSM – Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism – a variety of erotic/sexual practices that involve the above mentioned, and other related activities.

Does this in any way deal a major blow to the feminist movement (as most times the Bottom/Submissive are women)?; is it none of anyone’s business if it is between two consenting adults? Let us know.


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