Catfish is one of the most popular and readily available fish in Nigeria. In fact, its delicacy – irresistible to many people – is very common at social gatherings.

It tastes great and is affordable when compared to other varieties of fresh fish in the market.

But do you know that the omega 6 fatty acids in catfish can increase your risk of getting blood clots, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and some cancers?

Though doctors say fish is a better and healthier option than meat, they quickly add that not all types of fish are good for the heart.

Nutritionists say that catfish is loaded with bad fat and high cholesterol that encourage clotting of the blood, a condition whereby blood flow is impeded. This may lead to cardiac arrest, thrombosis and, in some cases, heart attacks.

A cardiologist, Dr. Jane Anisulowo, says that farm or home-grown catfish is the worst example in this regard, as it contains more fatty hormones than the ones harvested from natural water.

Anisulowo says, “Fish is better than meat, no doubt. It digests easily and it contains proteins. However, catfish is not really a good option, especially the ones they sell these days, which are cultivated with hormonal feeds that are filled with steroids and other fattening chemicals just to make them profitable. These chemicals are cancerous in nature.

“Also, they contain so much oil that you can almost taste it. Fish, generally, contains oil, but catfish has oil in its skin. That is what makes it so oily and unhealthy.

“It also contains a lot of poly unsaturated fat that does not only make you fat but also settles in the blood stream. That is very dangerous because when blood fails to get to an organ, it fails and suffers paralysis.”

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health in 2012, using over 1000 species of the fish in different water shows that catfish contains a high amount of unfavourable omega-6 fat that causes inflammation in the body.

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