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Chelsea Boss, Conte May Resign After Today’s FA Cup Final

Speculations are rife that Chelsea FC boss, Antonio Conte could resign as Chelsea manager after today’s FA Cup final with Manchester United.

Conte has been under fire this season for his poor handling of the team. This season, Chelsea finished fifth on the table and missed out on playing in the champions league next season.

According to reports, Conte has been having it rough with Chelsea owner and some players in his team over buying of players and his tactics.

He dumped last season’s top scorer Diego Costa by text message and rowed with David Luiz following this season’s Champions League group stage defeat to Roma.

And now there are fears that Conte’s relationship with Hazard, who was once again substituted before the end of the game in the Camp Nou, is quickly deteriorating.

However, a source in the Chelsea camp has hinted that even Conte is tired of Chelsea not agreeing to his terms and he’s likely to quit after today’s match against Jose Mourinho’s men.

A source close to SkySport revealed that Conte is likely to return to Italy as he’s tired of life in England.

Even Conte has once admitted that his Chelsea destiny will not be decided by whether or not he can win the FA Cup, but only time will tell if the speculations are right.



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