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Speculations Trail Actors Adeniyi Johnson And Seyi Edun’s Romance?

Actor Adeniyi Johnson and his new fiancee Seyi Edun have shown us several times through words and pictures that they are in love, but there are questions to be asked as regarding the future of the lovebirds.

Though the duo is yet to be married, they have taken their love life public, showing us many times their romantic pictures.

In many of these pictures, Adeniyi who recently added one was seen displaying his wedding ring, suggesting that he’s still legally married to his ex-wife, Toyin Aimakhu or better still Toyin Abraham.

Niyi and Toyin got married legally a few years ago at Ikoyi Registry, Lagos, but parted some months after owing to unresolved differences. Both are yet to dissolve their marriage which may be one of the reasons why Niyi is still putting on his ring.

Niyi and Toyin

But if that is the case, can we conclude that Niyi’s heart is still with Toyin because he still put on the symbol of their love? And if that is the case, what is the future of the love between Niyi and Seyi? Or can we say Niyi is just deceiving Seyi for now as he may still return to his first love?

And on the other hand, one may also say that the ring that Niyi put on could be a symbolic ring of a secret wedding between Niyi and Seyi? But if that is the case, why is it that Seyi is not putting on hers? These and many more questions are what Niyi and Seyi need to clarify if truly they are bold enough. We are waiting.

Meanwhile, Toyin Abraham on the other hand has kept a low profile on her love life after her romance with film producer, Seun Egbegbe who is languishing behind bars for alleged fraud failed.

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