Star Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Shares Success Tips On How To Fight Poverty

Celebrated actress, Lizzy Anjorin who also doubles as a successful business woman, has taken to the social media to motivate people on how to fight poverty. She wrote this beautiful piece below on how best to do that, stemming from her personal story.

THE ONLY WEAPON TO FIGHT POVERTY IS WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE.. ..I will use myself as an example ..I had a show in New york to anchor years back and my promoter @nerryginternational promotions called me to come and dance and also do a promo for the show….without thinking twice or thinking of my status as a celeb i did it and guess what ? Since then i have been use to dancing stuff ..People criticised me and say a lot of hateful words to me ..(your mate are dancing with there children and you are dancing with no brain) (aunty ode dancing like moron) but today people that were abusing me then are copying my dance style now to promote their business..”Moral lesson” people that don’t like your ways or style will still come and copy you when you succeed ..nobody celebrate hustle you can only be celebrated when you succeed …When i started this writeup stuff ,awwn don’t let me start telling you the worst and most hateful comments against me in all the social medias…my own people turn against me to stop writing.. 80℅ of ladies out there are the one condemning my write-ups, but today i have liberated millions of souls with my awesome write-ups and it has given me recognition all over the world and also helped my career and business…
People that do not own a dog chain criticize me brutally why i was having fun with my pets,
But today i never stop giving them shakara and effizzy that will make them stop jealous of me? …can you belief 70% of the people that trend stop jealous then has also got a dog for can turn your flaws and shame to style if you are focus…anybody can see you as a failure but never fail yourself by accepting defeat .never allow people that doesn’t feed you ,to rule your world , … Never bother about what they will say ..Be bother about what you will do to surpass them ..Roll with people that can add value to your life ..Do your best never leave the rest ..because the rest you are about to abandon might be your breakthrough point…I luv you all….#Eganimodo #WhiteDragon #

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