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Star Actor, Boy Alinco Reveals How He Quit Smoking

Foremost actor, Bayo Bankole popularly known as Boy Alinco has revealed in a post this morning how he quit smoking few years back. Before now, the actor was known to be a chain smoker, all thanks to a fan’s advice that motivated him to quit.

Boy Alinco's look while smoking
Boy Alinco’s look while smoking

Reminiscing on how the change came about, the actor who now resides in America posted this on his facebook timeline: “I smoked ha !!! …. God is good, when I looked back then, I say Thank You Lord. Today Mark six years I stopped smoking. How did I stopped, a guy saw me in a party called “Alinco ! Alinco !! Alinco !!! …” I answered, he called the bar man “pls give my Broda 4 bottles of Gulder… (Turned to me) baba I appreciate you so much” I said thank you” and I brought out my pack of Benson cigarette, about to light a stick and he said to me …. “Baba you smoke ? This is not nice now u too much for this” and I said to him “Bros if Na because of Gulder, baba I go finish this four stick wey dey here, if I wake up tomorrow I fit no smoke again”. I woke up the following morning 18th of October 2010 and I never tasted cigarette till date …. To God be the glory”.

At the moment, Boy Alinco runs a radio programme called Afroville in America where he currently resides.

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